Amazing Health Benefits Of Stinging Nettle

If you encounter a sting of nettle during a walk, you will suffer from sudden and intense pain that resembles bites in your skin. Although this makes you believe that you do not want to do anything, nettle is very beneficial for your health. Continue Reading Amazing Health Benefits Of Stinging Nettle

In fact, what many call an annoying weed has actually been an important part of health remedies and even pharmaceuticals for years.

It has diuretic, laxative, antihistaminic, anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory properties. This herb is also a good source of iron, it contains vitamin A (retinol), vitamin C (ascorbic acid), B vitamins and vitamin K. Other nutrients are calcium, carotene, Silica, magnesium, potassium, chromium, and zinc.

It is available as dried leaves, lyophilized leaves, extract, root dye, juice or tea. You can also get it in the form of an ointment or cream that can be applied to the skin. Nettle supplements are available in capsules or tablets.

What Is Stinging Nettle?

Nettle, or Urtica dioica, is a perennial floral plant that has been used for medical purposes for years, dating back to ancient Greece. Today, stinging nettles can be found all over the world, but its origins lie in the coldest regions of Europe and Asia.

The plant usually grows between two to four feet tall and blooms from June to September. It grows best in nitrogen-rich soil, has heart-shaped leaves and produces yellow or pink flowers.

To make nettles tea:

  • Add 1 tablespoon of stinging nettle root dried or drop in a cup of hot water.
  • Cover and leave it stiff for 5 minutes.
  • Pull, add honey to taste and drink.

Health Benefits Of Stinging Nettle

Pregnancy Aid:

Nettle tea is often suggested for women who undergo excessively painful work, and this can also help protect against excessive bleeding because it can act as a coagulant. In addition, stinging nettles will help stimulate milk production and facilitate lactation for the newborn.

Anti-inflammatory Activity:

Nettle is a stimulating and rubefacient substance, which makes it very effective against various inflammatory conditions, such as arthritis or chronic muscle pain.

The study has revealed that nettle tea or herb prickly supplementation can adequately treat gout, soothe muscle aches & decrease the symptoms of arthritis.

Treats an Enlarged Prostate

Nettle can benefit people with an enlarged prostate. It can also help treat the symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) which are caused by an enlarged prostate gland pressing on the urethra.

The essential bioactive phytochemicals help to reduce the prostatic tissue. Being a natural diuretic, it also promotes the elimination of inflammatory waste by urination.

Health Benefits Of Stinging NettleHeart Health:

It is logical that this amazing herb can also positively affect the heart. Research has revealed that regular intake of nettle tea can help reduce systolic blood pressure and relieve tension and stress on the cardiovascular system.

Cures Hay Fever

Nettle is very effective for the treatment of hay fever as well as allergic rhinitis or seasonal allergies. Being a natural antihistamine, nettle can reduce inflammation of the upper respiratory tract and promote symptoms such as nasal congestion,  sneezing, coughing, and itching.

Treats Eczema

Nettle is also beneficial for eczema, a chronic skin disorder that causes dry skin,  swelling, redness, scales,  cracks, blisters, crusting wounds & constant itching.

Due to the antihistamine and anti-inflammatory properties of nettle, it works as a natural treatment for eczema and helps to reduce skin tissue inflammation and painful itching sensation.

Treats Urinary Tract Infections

Nettle can also relieve the symptoms of a urinary tract infection (UTI) and help to clear it more quickly.

The active compounds in stinging nettles function as a mild diuretic. This will allow you to urinate more and help eliminate harmful bacteria from your system. In addition, it helps relieve inflammation.

Gastrointestinal Health:

Extracts of nettle extract have been suggested to reduce nausea and diarrhea, and as for menstruation and menopausal effects, stinging nettles can also soothe ulcers and hemorrhoids.

Skin Health:

When extracts are applied to the skin, the stinging nettles have been proven to reduce the severity of acne and can even prevent bacterial infections of various types. Due to its antioxidant properties, it can also accelerate healing, reduce the appearance of scars and blemishes, and promote anti-aging to reduce wrinkles and age spots.

Respiratory Issues:

Stinging Nettle has also connected with the treatment of different respiratory conditions, consisting hay fever, asthma, & other seasonal allergies.

Studies have shown that certain combinations of extracts of the stinging nettles can greatly reduce allergic reactions in patients. Regular consumption of spicy nettles has been used to treat asthma in Australia for generations.

Kidney and Gallbladder Health:

Strong nettle has long been known as a diuretic substance, but it also affects the kidneys in a different way. Potent nettle has nephritic qualities, that means it can assist break down stones in the kidney & gall bladder, limiting these painful situations from getting worse or claiming that these stones either be passed or eliminated surgically.

In addition, as a diuretic, stinging nettles help to quickly eliminate toxins, protecting bladder infections and excess water retention (edema).

Osteoporosis and Bone Health:

Although we did not hear much about boron, it is still an important mineral element in our body that can be found in nettle. Boron has been scientifically linked to maintaining calcium content in our bones, which means that nettle can help slow the onset of osteoporosis.

When you join this force with the regulatory influence of the hormone that the stinging nettle has, that assists in regulating & monitoring bone health, it seems that this herb can really do it all.

Strengthens Bones

Nettle is a good source of calcium and magnesium, as well as silica and boron, all of which are important for bone health.

It also has vitamins C and D, which improve the absorption of calcium in the body and vitamin K which helps to make your bones solid.

Fights Anemia

For those who are anemic or have a low iron level in the body, nettle can play a key role in raising the level of hemoglobin.

Nettle has a high iron content, which is needed for the formation of hemoglobin, a protein that carries oxygen to every cell of the body. In fact, people who do not consume enough iron are at risk of developing iron deficiency, which can lead to anemia.

In addition, this herb is a good source of B vitamins, vitamin C and other vitamins that can help increase hemoglobin and boost the production of red blood cells.

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