Beautiful Mehndi or Henna Designs You Must Try

Mehndi designs look very beautiful. Every woman likes to design her hands with Mehndi and almost practiced for every celebration or functions or occasions like marriage, party or also wear them to the office. Various kinds of Mehndi are available like red henna, white henna, black henna, stones, glitter. A mixture of colors has used to enrich your mehndi designs or one can draw simple and easy traditional designs. See the below Henna Designs how it look nice on hands.

With these Mehndi designs, your hands look stunning and amazing. Foreign countries like the UK, America are currently craze and fond of Mehndi. So I made Lot of research and I have collected simple and easy mehndi designs which you can practice yourself at home. Here is the collection of DIY Stylish & Easy mehndi designs for every celebrations or occasion.

Different Varieties of Mehndi Designs

  • Mango shape Mehndi Design
  • Floral Pattern on palm and Fingers
  • Jewelry type henna design
  • nested design mehndi
  • Arabic Style Henna Design
  • Simple Flower Henna Designs
  • Easy Motif Henna Design
  • Easy Henna Designs for hands
  • Beautiful Henna Designs
  • Jali Pattern design
  • Easy Mehndi Design
  • Rangoli type Henna
  • Arabic Floral pattern
  • Various Flower Pattern
  • Traditional Arabic style Mehndi
  • Mango Motif Design
  • DIY Mehndi Design
  • Jewel flower pattern
  • Various Flowers Design
  • Chain Type Mehndi Design
  • Punjabi Style Mehndi Design
  • Various Shapes Patten
  • Single Pattern Design
  • Rangoli Henna Design
  • Inverted Art Design
  • Intricate Mehndi Design
  • Simple and Stylish
  • Mehndi For Finger
  • Back Hand Pattern
  • Dark Red Mehndi Designs

Beautiful  Henna Designs You Must Try

1. Mango shape Mehndi Design

This mehndi design is very simple and easy to draw and it looks like mango shape with simple changes and lines.

Henna Designs

2. Floral Pattern on palm and Fingers

It is another excellent henna design art in India.  Simply drawing big flower design on the palm and small flowers on the fingers give the very stunning reddish look to your hand.

Henna Designs

3. Jewelry type henna design

Jewelry type design look soo simple and resembles chain and these designs are very appealing.  Neatly drawn make the impression and remains in our mind very long time even after design fades away.

Henna Designs

4. Nested design mehndi

This design can be drawn very simply and easily. No need to draw only flowers and birds design to look stunning and attractive but one can draw it by fine lines and patterns as well.

Henna Designs

5. Arabic Style Henna Design

Arabic style of design not simple to draw but by practicing one can easily draw it. It is the quite unique design and it highlights the culture of Punjabis. Arabic mehndi designs are big and bold.

Henna Designs

6. Simple Flower Henna Design

Drawing simple flowers on the palm is very easy for all the women in  India. So henna designs are also drawn by flowers with minor modifications.

Henna Designs

7. Easy Motif Henna Design

Circular motif designs are drawn easily and give stunning look to your hand. For small parties, you can draw this and less time-consuming design.

Henna Designs

8. Easy Henna Designs for hands

Arabic henna designs look very beautiful and not drawn for full hands, it gives side looks so don’t wait to take your phone and capture these designs.

Henna Designs

9. Beautiful Henna Designs

These henna designs can be in the white, red and black in colors. In this picture used black henna for white hands that give the very attractive look.

Henna Designs

10. Jali Pattern design

It is one of a great way to draw the mehndi design and has been used vastly to get the great look as well as very attractive.

Henna Designs

11. Easy Mehndi Design

This easy henna design is drawn on the waist of the hand & very quick and simple to draw. It is also one of the olden days traditional technique of mehndi.

Mehndi DesignS

12. Rangoli type Henna

Every Indian woman knows and likes to draw rangoli designs and these are simply drawn on your hands. It gives delicacy due to simple dots.

Mehndi Designs

13. Arabic Floral pattern

Here in this mehndi art flowers are used and connected with mango shape art that gives very attractive when you wear to party wear dresses.

Mehndi Designs

14. Various Flower Pattern

Different types of flowers are drawn to form the pattern which forms Arabic style of henna art.

Mehndi Designs

15. Traditional Arabic style Mehndi

Arabic style mehndi art plays an important role in the designs of Pakistani and they have got popularity across the world and they are somewhat related to our Indian styles of Mehandi designs

Mehndi Designs

16. Mango Motif Design

Nowadays these motif mehndi designs are gaining popularity across the world as these are very simple and gives beautiful look.

Mehndi Designs

17. DIY Mehndi Design

Have you observed this leafy diagram on hand which is looking very attractive, also one can be drawn by themselves, and less time-consuming art

Mehndi Design

18. Jewel flower pattern

Every woman wants to art with stylish and fashionable mehndi designs in India and it is traditional sort of practice which they draw for many functions, celebrations, and parties etc.  So draw this pattern of Jewel flower which suits to your hand.

Mehndi Design

19. Various Flowers Design

These flower designs give very attractive to your hand and suitable when you wear a party wear dresses.

Mehndi Design

20. Chain Type Mehndi Design

Chain type mehndi arts form by simply drawing flowers and connected with dotted chains. This art can be drawn on backhand so that gives beautiful look.

Mehndi Design

21. Punjabi Style Mehndi Design

Punjabi style designs are not soo easy to do but look very attractive for bridals, parties, ceremony’s etc.  These designs are all regarding intricate designs by practicing one can easily draw without any flaws

Mehndi Design

22. Various Shapes Patten

The henna design has been drawn using different shapes which look very great on your hand and can be easily drawn by yourself.

Mehndi Design

23. Single Pattern Design

Single pattern henna designs are simple to art as well as quickly finished. It represents single line and look attractive on even jeans and fashionable dresses

Mehndi Design

24. Inverted Art Design

The inverted art design is as simple to draw which indicates the Punjabi style designs. These are made particular theme looks amazing with contrasting nail color.

Henna designs

26. Intricate Mehndi design

Intricate art is very tough to draw on your hands, mehndi professionals can easily draw as they will have practice and experience in these designs.

Henna designs

27. Dark red Mehandi Design

Dark mehndi’s look in dark red color which are very attractive for almost all the parties and suitable for all fashionable and traditional dresses

Henna designs

28. Back Hand Design

Backhand henna designs nowadays became very popular and are the craze for drawing art on backhands which look very stylish and trendy on all fashionable dresses.

Henna designs

29. Simple flower Henna designs

Everyone can do floral designs on their on arms, hands as well as sometimes on a back. These designs kept on back in floral motifs by using different dark colors and are drawn by professionals

Henna designs

30. Rangoli Henna designs

Every Indian woman knows to draw rangoli designs very easily and the same designs can be drawn on hands with less time and easily. You may like to read Tips To Make Mehndi Darker

Henna designs

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