Best Tips To Make Mehndi Darker For Hands

Mehndi, also known as henna, has been a secular tradition in many countries of Asia and Persia. Women use henna to form complex designs to decorate their hands and feet to mark special occasions or simply look fashionable. Continue reading Best Tips To Make Mehndi Darker For Hands

Mehndi holds good importance in our tradition whether it is the normal mehndi or Karwachauth, Holi, Diwali,  Rakhi. No opportunity is complete without it.

We also report the color of mehndi as a parameter of love. Me too I love Mehandi so much that I apply it on my hands at every opportunity.

The application of mehndi designs is an art in itself. We spend money to get these beautiful designs, but if it does not give the required color all the money goes in vain. Also, if the design does not stay long, it hurts.

So what do you need to do to get that brilliant deep mehndi spot? Here are some tips that we have gathered from many beautiful fashionistas, which will guarantee that these tips do not work. Try them a few weeks before D-Day to be sure they are working on you. Learn how to get the dark color of Mehndi on the hands.

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Tips To Make Mehndi Dark

Get rid of the dirt.

Wash your palms before applying mehndi, so that all the oil and dirt is completely removed from them. By doing this, your mehndi will be absorbed better, and you will automatically get a darker mehndi color.

Apply the eucalyptus oil.

Before applying the mehndi to your hands, apply eucalyptus oil after thoroughly washing your hands. It feels good and does wonders for the color of your mehndi too. Be sure to wait until the oil is completely absorbed, as any moisture on the surface can make it difficult for the pigment to penetrate the skin.

Apply the mehndi.

If you are a beginner, you can check out our article how to apply mehndi for beginners. The type of mehndi you apply will be a great influence on the color. First of all, you need to make sure that your mehndi is natural and of good quality. Make your own mehndi at home rather than buying a made dough.

You should apply the dough evenly and without stopping the process, as this would give the pattern uneven color tones. Make sure you do not move your hands as this could make the mehndi move and not only mess up the pattern, but make it harder for dark sediment pigments.

Best Tips To Make Mehndi Darker For HandsApply sugar and lemon.

Once your mehndi has dried completely, take a mixture of sugar and lemon on it with the help of a cotton ball. Use the right amount because over-doing it can spoil your mehndi design.

Use clove vapors.

The use of clove fumes is a widely used trick to make mehndi darker many women swear by. Put some pods in a saucepan, turn on the gas and place your hands so that your mehndi is exposed to the smoke from the cloves. Remove hands only when they start to ache.

Wrap with adhesive film.

After applying the mehndi, you should always let it dry alone. You should never try to dry it quickly by sitting in the sun, shaking hands or putting them in front of a fan. Ask someone to get a gripping film and wrap it around your design carefully, starting extremely careful not to stain your design.

Leave at night.

It is best to keep your mehndi on as long as you can, but it is recommended to be left for at least seven to eight hours. It is best to apply it at night, to keep it all night, and to take it the next morning. The longer you keep your mehndi, the darker the color it will get.

Remove the crust from mehndi.

Once this layer has dried, you can proceed to take off the mehndi crust. Be sure not to remove it by applying water but scrape it instead.

Don’t clean your hands quickly after washing the mehndi.

Try to keep them away from the water as long as you can, it is recommended not to touch the water for at least 12 hours. Washing your hands with water can lighten the color of mehndi, therefore preventing you from receiving the aspired results.

Remember, you can make mehndi darker, but it should never be black. Black mehndi may contain harmful allergens.

Apply a layer of Vicks.

After removing Mehndi’s crust, apply Vicks, limestone paste (works very well) or pickle oil on it, as this will help pigments of color penetrate the skin further. This will give a darker color to your mehndi.

Now you know how to make mehndi darker, you can learn how to make Mehndi bridal designs for the hands.

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Best Tips To Make Mehndi Darker For HandsDon’ts:

  1. Do not wash your hand with soapy water, which can lead to your mehndi discoloration in portions and will look horrible.
  2. Do not shave hands after applying henna as it can scrape off the top layer of your skin and also the mehndi.
  3. Do not wash hands immediately after application. Avoid water for 6 hours. If possible, avoid showering for at least 12 hours after application.
  4. Do not use too much sugar and lemon mixture; Otherwise, the mehndi will have a dark brown color.
  5. No matter what, do not use a hair dryer to dry the mehndi on your palms and your legs! This can make the henna bleed and ruin the design.
  6. Avoid drinking too much water or juice just before application.
  7. Although light is necessary for the henna artist to see his shots, avoid sitting under direct sunlight.


  1. You should not try using a hair dryer or similar to make henna dry faster, as this will ruin your design and create stains.
  2. Avoid applying mehndi on open wounds or scars as this could infect the area internally and cause serious problems.
  3. Chuna can also work for some people instead of Vicks to get a darker color. However, it gives many people a rash and also causes dry skin, so it is not recommended to 100%.
  4. Do not shave, wax or exfoliate for the next four days, as this could ruin your model mehndi completely.
  5. It is said that drinking too much water just before applying mehndi can affect the darkness of the pattern, so make sure you have something to eat and water before your mehndi session, 2 hours before the maximum.

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