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We should not use short methods to lose weight. Follow regularly yoga, which is one of the best choices for reducing weight and also useful for getting good health. Yoga is good for many things like keeping skin healthy, glowing skin promotes hair growth, maintaining fitness levels, overall health as well. Read more about Yoga Poses For weight loss

Our current lifestyle and workload do not allow us to live a healthy life. The desires of having junk food or crushing the diet and stressed life gives us an unhealthy body. The most affected parts of the body are the thighs and belly. Fat increases day by day throughout the body that leads to illness and other health problems sometimes that can turn to complicated health conditions.

Fitness regime includes many things like doing exercises for weight loss such as swimming, cycling, jogging, walking, etc, also including diet regime to get good health, etc. Apart From this equipment, we have much yoga poses to lose weight. Here, In this section, I did a lot of research and I have collected some of the most useful yoga asanas from losing weight. Keep on reading to know the details.

Doing Yoga is one of the traditional ways to follow to get good health. Among the many yoga poses. We have described some yoga poses to lose weight. List of Yoga asanas for weight loss:

1. Surya Namaskar

Everyone knows that Surya means “Sun” and Namaskar means “greeting”. This asana is one of the complete exercises of the body or training. It works effectively in the weight loss of a body. Totally we have twelve different poses of yoga asanas in Suryanamaskar. To know

  1. Pranamasana
  2. Hastauttanasana
  3. Padahastasana
  4. Ashwa Sanchalanasana
  5. Parvatasana
  6. Ashtanga Namaskar
  7. Bhujangasana
  8. Parvatasana
  9. Ashwa Sanchalanasana
  10. Padahastasana
  11. Hastauttanasana
  12. Pranamasana

Making Surya namaskar every day in the morning helps to get good and strong health. Only the morning schedules are good to make Surya namaskar that we should not have anything prior five hours to Surya namaskar.

Surya Namaskar helps for many things like avoiding stress, strengthens your back, arms,  shoulders & legs, hips, etc, Allows to stay both Physically and mentally strong, solves digestion problems, treats constipation, increases body flexibility and much more.

2. Veerabhadrasana

This asana also called as warrior pose is one among the best yoga poses for weight loss that helps to strengthen your arms, thighs, shoulders,  &  back muscles simultaneously. This pose is suitable for the people who are suffering from back pain, which provide the best relief. Plus beneficial to increase overall balance and stamina.

How To Do?

  1. First, you must stand straight and stretch your leg a little away from another leg.
  2. Now you wear your hands over your head, stretch them and stand in the same posture.
  3. Strike your hands and turn your body to the right side. You should bend your right knee slightly by trying to stretch the abdominal muscles as much as you can.
  4. Now just count 60 numbers till it completes 1 minute. After this, practice yoga poses on the left. This will help tighten your muscles and gives strength to the body. Repeat this yoga two to three times on both sides.

3. Simhasana

Simhasana is beneficial to tone up your facial muscles and perform about two minutes. More useful to escape the stress of our routine life. It is simple and easy to do, anyone can easily follow this asana every day, regardless of the age group.

How to do?

  • Simply sit in the pose of the lion and stretch your tongue outside, doing this your facial muscles, with a thorax and spine were also stretched simultaneously.
  • Doing this asana on a daily basis helps to reduce the double chin or disappear your double chin. This asana has no potential risk. If you have a problem while sitting on the floor, try sitting on the chair.

4. Utkatasana

This yoga asana is also called as a chair pose and people who try to do this should try the position because they are sitting on the chair. Utkatasana is best suited for the person who is worried about burning thigh fat. Also, helps to strengthen and tone your muscles from the hips, glutes, back and chest as well as muscles of the knee and ankle.

Plus, making Utkatasana daily beneficial to strengthen your lower back and body and helps to bring determination to mind. To make this yoga pose, you need a lot of stamina and feel the pain of the legs for the first few days. But continue practicing to get flexibility and disappear the pain.

How To Do?

  • First, stand on the yoga mat with your hands in the namaste pose.
  • Bend your knees in such a way that the thighs are parallel to the floor.
  • Lift your hands over the head and bend your torso forward and bend.
  • Stay in this position for a while and breathe for a long time

5. Jalandhara Bandha

This yoga pose is best suited for people who suffer from thyroid problems related to the thyroid.

You want to place your chin on the area of the chest, between your clavicles, while holding your breath. This can make your jawline described.


If you are suffering from breathing problems, practice this yoga pose under the supervision of the certified yoga teacher. Do not try this asana if you have high blood pressure or heart disease.

Yoga Poses For weight loss

6. Adho Mukha Svanasana

Adho Mukha Svanasana helps to clear the stiffness of your shoulders, gives strength to your legs, ankles as well, creating arches in your feet, etc.

How to do?

  • A position like a dog, bend and put your hands on the floor and also your knees on the floor. See It looks like dog position
  • Then you exhale to lift your hips, straighten your elbows and knees, from the inverted V-shape with the body.
  • Hands and shoulder width, feet are hip width and parallel to each other. The toes point straight ahead.
  • Press your hands into the ground. Extend through the shoulder blades.
    Keep the neck elongated by touching the ears inside the arms.
  • Keep the dog poses down and take long, deep breaths. Look towards the navel.
  • Breathe out. Bend the knees, return to the dog pose. Then relax.

7. Paripurna Navasana

This yoga asana has also called as Yoga Bridge Pose. Paripurna Navasana is best suitable for the people who want to lose their tummy fat and strengthens your tummy muscles Along with spine and hip flexors.

Paripurna Navasana is helpful for toning the arm & leg muscles, aids in digestion & stimulates the kidneys glands and thyroid also gives relief for neck pain

How To Do?

  • First lie on your back with your feet together and keep your hands next to each other.
  • Then breathe, lift the head and chest on the floor, hands outstretched to the feet.
  • Maintain this position for about 30 seconds to 1 minute, at that time you feel the stretch in your stomach muscles and navel while you breathe.
  • Exhale. Turn slowly back to your original position.

8. Ustrasana

Ustrasana is also known as Camel Pose and is suitable for people who are trying to lose weight as it aims to burn belly fat, back, and thighs, which are three most complicated part of our body with unreasonable fat.

Plus helps to open a chest and lungs, increasing the flexibility of an abdomen, chest, and neck, stimulating your thyroid gland and strengthens your back muscles.

Sit on your feet with your knees and calves close.

How to do?

  • To avoid the pain you want to use the soft cloth, on which you have to sit.
  • Now sit down on your knees and put your hands on the hips.
  • Stretch the body or torso, then look above look above.
  • Now, slowly hold your heels, one hand on the other. Bend back and stretch your chest, your stomach too.
  • Now you feel all the weight in your arms.
  • Hold this position for about 30 seconds to one minute and then return to the starting position.
  • Repeat it for about three to four times. This position is beneficial for burning fat in all areas of the body.

9. Chaturanga Dandasana

This yoga asana requires you to stay on the ground by supporting the body on your hands and keeping the kernel intact. It helps tone your arms but strengthens and tones your biceps and triceps.


Do not try this if you have shoulder or hip damage. Work with the certified yoga instructor who can help you with variations.

10. Ardha Pincha Mayurasana

Your arms will become the basis for balancing your complete upper body as you try to stay afloat. This yoga asana helps to strengthen and tone the biceps, triceps, and arms.


It is simple and simple asana that can be done by everyone. However, you want to be careful if you have neck or shoulder injuries.

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