Natural Home Remedies To Treat Pitta Dosha

Rashes on skin and thirst or excessive sweating are caused due to the aggravated pitta. In this article, I have explained regarding few simple ways to deal with it. Know the Home Remedies To Treat Pitta Dosha

When Pitt dosha in the body increases, it creates some of the problems like vomiting, fever, dizziness, headache, itching,  etc. If it is not treated, it can lead to a formation of biliary colic, gallbladder,  etc. Some of the natural and effective home remedies to control Pitta dosha.

Pitta generates heat in the body and regulates enzymes and hormones that play a key role in digestion and metabolism. But when the pitta dosha levels increase in your body, you may experience various physical, mental and behavioral symptoms. So before you learn about the simple ways to lower your pitta, you should be aware of some common signs of pitta.

Pitta generates body heat and regulates the enzymes and hormones that play very important role in metabolism and digestion. But when pitta dosha level increase in the body, you may experience several mental, physical, & behavioral signs. Therefore before ging to know about simple ways to reduce your pitta, you should be aware of few simple symptoms of pitta.

Excessive thirst and hunger
Unpleasant odor
Throat irritated
Increased body temperature
Burning sensation
Excessive sweating
Skin rashes and inflammation (boils and acne)
Hot flashes
Yellowing of urine, skin,  nails & eyes
Bad Breath
Heart burning

Home Remedies To Treat Pitta DoshaHow to control your pitta dosha in the body?

The key role to reduce your pitta dosha is to stay away from a few factors that cause the pitta in your body. Therefore, if you suffer from these signs of pitta imbalance, here are some natural methods or home remedies to deal with it.


It helps to maintain the inner calm and balance, as increased pitta levels similarly affect the mental well-being. And so it is necessary to stay cool & concentrate on meditation as the mode of recovery.

Aloe vera:

It is the well-known fact that aloe vera juice is the best natural methods to detoxify your body. And so, people with pitta levels in the body are suggested to drink aloe vera juice daily to eliminate toxins from your body and therefore, maintain normal pitta levels.


Not more people know that eating daily ghee can help keep your pitta levels in check because it has pitta-opposition characteristics. In Ayurveda, chronic pitta disorder can be treated with specific types of medicated ghee.

Porridge and Sprouted grains:

The key to lowering pitta levels is balance and having light and simple to digest foods when the diet has processed. And that’s one reason why oatmeal and sprouted grains prescribed for people with high levels of pitta dosha as it special pitta incentive and helps you to recover immediately from its signs.


Do not exercise while doing demanding physical exercises or avoid walking in the sun as extra heat could further including the condition. To deal with it, all you require to do is walking in the garden during or after sunset or in a cool breeze outside for the fresh air. It relaxes your mind as well as body and therefore helps to lower your levels of pitta.

Ayurvedic Remedies To treat Pitta Dosha

1. Falsa Drink

Having Falsa fruit juice combined with dry ginger powder (sonti) & black salt or drinking Falsafruit juice with a tablespoon of sugar helps to balance Pitta dosha.

2. Pure Ghee

Drink a tablespoon of pure and warm Ghee in one stroke, empty stomach in the early morning, for a few days to heal Pitt’s problem. Ghee should be quite warm but bearable.

3. Butter Milk

Drinking buttermilk added with salt, cumin powder (Jeera) helps to overcome the problem of Pitt’s.

4. Coriander seeds

Boil a spoon of Coriander seeds (Dhania) in water and filter it. Add Milk and Sugar to this decoction. Drinking this twice a day helps to cure Pitt problem.

5. Gooseberry (Amla)

Daily drink Gooseberry (Amla) juice mixed with Sugar Pitt controls.

6. Dry Ginger powder

Eating six grams of dry ginger powder added with the salt using hot water assists reduce Pitt.

7. Tamarind juice

Drink a spoonful of tamarind juice (Imli) with the half a spoon of cumin powder or Jeera and a spoonful of honey for about four days reduced Pitt.

8. Ginger

Having the piece of ginger after every meal helps to balance Pitt.

9. Carrom leaves

Grind Carrom (Ajwain) leaves with Turmeric to form a paste. This paste applied on the body before taking bath helps to reduce Pitt.

10. Papaya

Having Mango,  Papaya, Apple helps to balance Pitt’s  problem.

11. Blackberry juice

Drinking Blackberry juice or consuming Blackberry assists to lower Pitt.

12. Cloves

Boil the cloves (Launga) in water & filter. Consuming this decoction aids to lower Pitt’s problem.

13. Bael pulp

Daily intake of  Bael pulp added with the cardamom powder (Elaichi) & sugar aids to balance Pitt.

14. Cumin seeds

Boil a tablespoon of cumin seeds (Jeera) with the pinch of cardamom powder or Elaichi into the water & filter. Sipping this decoction helps to lower Pitt.

How To Make Home remedy To Treat pitta dosha

Home Remedies To Treat Pitta Dosha Ingredients

  • Amla powder : 25 grams
  • water : 200 ml
  • Jaggery : 3 to 5 grams


  1. Take Amla powder or chunam in a wide mouth container, combine water, boil in a swimming heat, stir constantly and reduce to about 50 ml, filter, let it cool down.
  2. Take ten to twenty ml of this amla juice with three to five grams of jaggery powder.
  3. Have of Drink this juice before food for better results of maximum effect.
  4. Drink this juice once or twice per day.
  5. After preparing this juice, it can be saved for just one day. Means, regularly, you want to make the home remedy newly.
  6. Drink this juice up to two to three weeks for desired results.
  7. This solution should not be re-heated.


The above-described way of boiling amla with water is called as Kashayam. Normally, all Kashayams are served when they are warm or mildly hot. But here, we allowed to cool it down, before having it.

For preparing, this natural home remedy, either the fine powder or coarse powder of Amla can be taken.


  • It is the best natural home remedy for body indigestion and heat, it releases excess body heat.
  • It is the ideal home remedy for burning urination.
  • It is the great remedy for Pitta dosha.
  • If your family doctor has recommended Pitta diet, this ayurvedic remedy for you.
  • If you don not have time to prepare this amla juice at home, at least you can have Amla capsule along with the jagger

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