How to take care of hair while swimming?

Swimming is indeed fun but one needs to take care of one’s hair as well. Dipping in the water can affect the texture of one’s hair so it is necessary to protect the hair. One can suffer from hair fall or brittle hair.

How to protect hair from swimming pool water?

One must undertake a pre-swim hair care regimen as well as the post-swim regimen.

One must understand that the main culprit here is chlorine. It is used in swimming pools to kill the bacteria and also maintain hygiene levels in the pool. And although chlorine protects one from infections, it also wreaks havoc on one’s hair.

Chlorine strips one of hair of natural oils thus making it dry and weak. It is a potent substance that does cause visible damage to unprotected hair when one swims.

One must follow pre and post-swim hair protecting regimens as ill-effects of chlorine in swimming pool water is bad for one’s hair. It is better to take precautions at the beginning itself rather than waste money and time on fixing one’ damaged hair.

Pre-Swimming Routine

1. Oil Your Hair

Oiling is good for hair before one gets into the pool. It also makes one’s hair waterproof and also does form a protective layer over one’s scalp. This also prevents chlorine from entering one’s hair cuticles and also damaging the color as well as the shine of one’s hair. It also prevents the blonde and colored hair from turning into green.
Massage the oil gently into clean cum damp hair. Select from an assortment of oils – coconut oil for hair and skin, olive oil for hair, argan oil, and Moroccan oil – to ensure perfect moisturization and protection.

Then rinse the hair thoroughly in the shower as wet hair is no doubt less likely to absorb water from the pool. It also prevents the build-up of chemical residue in one’s hair.

3. Apply Hair Conditioner

Apply a thick hair conditioner. It is good for the hair. It nourishes hair follicles and also helps in the formation of a layer that does protect one’s hair from chlorine and other harmful chemicals in the pool.

How to take care of hair while swimming?4. Spritz Some Hair Spray

Hair sprays are convenient to use. They do come in handy when one swims outdoors. Do select a sun protection spray that does prevent the damaging of hair from the harsh sunlight rays. It also helps one to keep one’s locks hydrated. Hair sprays also protect one’s hair color from fading away.

5. Wear A Swimming Cap

One needs to tuck all of one’s hair into one’s cap before one gets into the swimming pool. The cap keeps the hair dry and also away from all chemicals. It is the best way to maintain the health of one’s hair.

Post-Swimming Routine

1. Shampoo One’s Hair

One must wash one’s hair immediately after a swim in order to get rid of as much as chlorine from one’s hair as possible. Chlorine does stick to one’s hair and is difficult to be washed off. One must wash it off later if one cannot rinse it immediately. One can make use of an anti-chlorine shampoo.

2. Comb One’s Tresses

Comb with a wide-toothed comb that helps in controlling frizz and helps to untangle your hair without pain. It reduces breakage.

Swimming in the summer is very relaxing but has to ensure that one’s hair is not affected by the chlorine present in the waters. It is important to ensure that one’ hair is well protected and for this one must carry out a regimen of taking care of the hair before and after the swim.

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